Michael's Journey Continues...... As of February 12th, 2015 = 190 Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Clinics and Foundations..... All Participating in Michael's Dream, Michael's Meanies is 501 (c) (3) certified Thank You America!! Michael's Meanies are now in all 50 States and now in all 7 Continents around the World.........We will be emailing hospitals all over the world, This website as well as our mobile website has a language translator so you can easily choose your language. If you're outside of the USA and you are reading this please go to our "Contact Us" page and email us and you can help Michael get the Meanies in your countries hospitals, Thanks Please check out the "TEAM MICHAEL" page to see what hospitals are participating in the Meanies Project, That's all 50 States + Washington DC, Toronto,Calgary,Montreal,Vancouver and British Columbia Canada, Puerto Rico, Birmingham and London England, Auckland New Zealand, Syndney & Victoria Australia, Columbia South America, Jerusalem Israel, Bangkok Thailand, Cape Town South Africa, McMurdo Station Antarctica and Dublin, Ireland ...and still growing! At 2:15 on March 5th, l997, we were given the best "GIFT" that anyone could receive...MICHAEL CARROLL At 2:15am July 3rd he was taken from us after fighting a long courageous battle.

                                                                                         Created by: Michael Carroll
Hello, I'm Michael Carroll I'm 17 Years Old from Wheeling West Virginia. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. After 3 years of treatments life returned to normal. On June 17th 2013 I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Grade IV Brain Tumor due to the radiation treatment I received for Leukemia.

Once I got home from the hospital I came up with the idea of the "3 Meanies" based upon the 3 different types of childhood cancer.

Terry "The Terrible" Tumor

He is for children that have a tumor

Lily Lymphoma

She is for children that was diagnosed with Lymphoma

 "Lousy" Louie Leukemia

He is for the child that has Leukemia

"I wanted to give something to the kids that they could take their anger out on. I thought of making these into a stress ball like toy that the kids can squeeze hard, punch or even throw them.

My ultimate goal is for every child diagnosed with cancer to get one during their treatment

"The "Meanies" are not a soft stuffed cuddly toy or a beanie baby. They are exactly what Michael intended them to be, a stress toy that's made to be squeezed or thrown. The "Meanies" are 100% polyurethane, and latex free".

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Michael's dream lives on.......

Michael passed away July 3rd 2014 at 2:15am due to complications from his Stage IV brain tumor, Michael fought a courageous battle and lived over a year with this always terminal cancer, but there is a bright spot to this, his creation of Michael's Meanies
Here is a video from WTRF recorded on July 3rd 2014

We want to thank all of you that support Michael's mission and his goal to get every child diagnosed with cancer a "meanie" we've seen positive results with children all over the area and are happy to see others joining in on Michael's cause, So thanks again for sharing us on all the social networks, we know with your help Michael's dream will become a reality. Keep up the good work

The Carroll Family

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